Host: Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier
Home: Detroit, MI
Twitter: @KFreshDetroit
Instagram: @KFreshDetroit

Any questions, concerns, love-mail, hate-mail, pitches, silly pictures, email djkfresh@gmail.com

The Story Of The Podcast
Fresh Is The Word is a podcast birthed out of Detroit about the things your host, Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier, just likes in life. They’ve been a music writer and a DJ from the Detroit for a long time now and want to bring their loves all into one entertaining podcast interviewing people and shooting the breeze.

Since its launch in November 2015, Fresh is the Word has been a documentation of your host K-Fresh as they journey through their love of music and pop culture, as well as using this platform to share they growth on topics important to women, people or color and the LGBTQ community through the artistic lens of pop culture. As an ever evolving podcast, K-Fresh is going back to his musical roots focusing more on the music artists they are passionate about from the past and present. From the classic hip-hop artists they grew up on, to the new faces of dance, and from the metal bands they’ve long appreciated to the indie pop artist stealing their heart, Fresh is the Word aims to tell the stories of those who need their contributions to music known, while also exposing their audience to the next artists to watch out for (sometimes before they blow up!).

Logo Design: Joshua Adams (Kingship Creative)
Photos: David Pauley (Instagram: @n0_parking)