My First IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary and It Was Damn Good Fun

Impact Slammiversary 7/15/2023 - Windsor, ON
Impact Slammiversary 7/15/2023 - Windsor, ON

Back on July 15th and 16th, I attending my first Impact Wrestling Slammiversary and the fallout episode tapings the next day in Windsor. Now I’m not going to give you my editorials about the booking of the show and my thoughts about the results (mostly because I’m writing this a month later), but I would like to share my experience of the events as an attendee and what to expect from an Impact show if you never been to one.

While the events WWE or AEW are at a bigger scale, there’s often a bit of a stigma attached to going to smaller wrestler shows (whether it’s true or not) in regards to a toxicity of the crowd, more so if their are women involved in the show. I didn’t get any of this at these Impact shows. There was a warm, inviting atmosphere coming from the top down with the staff working the shows.

Since this is one of Impact’s major live pay-per-view shows, they want to make sure the broadcast looks as good as it can for the viewers at home as well as those in attendance. For Impact, that means helping everyone with a seated ticket find their spot. That means those with general admission asked if they would like an actual seat outside the reserved rows. That means those with disabilities given a great place to watch the show unobstructed and being checked in on by the staff through the show. That means making sure the kids attending have a great time and even somehow a part of the show.

Having attended a lot of wrestling shows in my life, both big and small, Impact Wrestling may be in it’s most solid state after years under the TNA Wrestling name that had its ups and downs. The acquisition of famed women’s wrestler Trinity was a big get for the company and crowning her the women’s champion at Slammiversary was a historical moment for Impact.

Below are some photos I took at Slammiversary.