The Record Store Podcast Episode #1 – Paradime

The Record Store Podcast - Episode #1 - Paradime
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On THE RECORD STORE PODCAST, the theme of the “record store” has a double meaning. In reality, a record store is a place of discovery and a safe space where creativity thrives as people open themselves up to new ideas through community. Everyone has their own place like a record store that they find solace in. I’ll deep dive with my guests into what place is special for them, how it’s molded their lives, and we’ll just see where the conversation goes. Whether you are a musician, a DJ, a comedian, a writer, a designer, whatever you are, we all have our own record store.

For the debut episode of THE RECORD STORE PODCAST, I’m joined by longtime friend and Detroit Hip-Hop artist Paradime, who recently dropped a new album Period. via Mello Music Group after taking over a decade long break from releasing music.

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