The Japanese Hardcore Death Metal band Kruelty is one of my favorite bands and I finally got to see them live at The Foundry in Cleveland!

Photo Credit: Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier

It was in 2019 (I believe) that I somehow came across the Japanese Hardcore Death Metal band Kruelty and instantly became obsessed in a way where I wanted to collect all the pressings of every release. I still don’t have everything, but I do have many of their cassettes, CD, and vinyl (list of what I need at the bottom). Needless to say, I was geeked when they announced their North American tour earlier this year and their stop in Cleveland on July 12th at The Foundry with SANGUISUGABOGG would be the perfect show for me to travel to from Detroit.

Before this tour started, the band announced their original lead singer Tatami quit the band as their schedule and the popularity of the band were becoming too serious and he no longer wanted to do it. However, the band’s guitarist Zuma instantly step up and will also assume vocal duties for now on.