Breakin’ Recordz #7: Traxman – Legendary Chicago Footwork, Juke, House Music DJ Producer

Breakin' Recordz #7: Traxman

Breakin’ Recordz #7: Traxman – IN THIS EPISODE:

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The guest for this episode is Chicago OG footwork, juke, and house music DJ and producer Traxman. As a staple of the Chicago dance music scene for decades now, Traxman was one of the co-founders of the G.E.T.O DJZ INC clique a member of DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn’s Teklife CREW And the founder of TEKK DJZ, along with being a important part of the birthing of the Dance-Mania imprint. Having released music on countless record labels including recently dropping Tekvision Volume 2 via Teklife, Traxman continues to make music on his own terms and is constantly dropping music via his Bandcamp at (a couple releases streaming below).

During our conversation, Traxman gave us a history lessons about growing up in Chicago and entering the dance music world and establishing himself as a staple of the city. So much history is shared here for anyone that loves dance music from the Midwest.

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“High Velocity Pt. 1 & 2” (Instrumental) produced by House Shoes (from Big Tone and House Shoes Big Shoes LP)
Cuts by DJ Jay Spliff

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