Detroit’s Paradime signs to Mello Music Group after a decade long hiatus!

Detroit's Paradime signs to Mello Music Group after a decade long hiatus!
Trilogybeats (IG @trilogybeats313)

After taking a decade break from releasing music, Detroit Hip-Hop artist Paradime is back at it as he announced he has signed a deal with the Arizona-based Mello Music Group, home to other established acts like Quelle Chris, Apollo Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and many more.

I go back a long way with Paradime to the days just after he released his 1999 debut album Paragraphs, along with designing his websites during his following albums, 2001’s Vices and 2004’s 11 Steps Down. For all of us in the Detroit area, not only is Paradime a respected artist amongst his peers, but his shows backed with a live band were always special events, so news of his return is exciting. I’ve had many crazy nights in the past resulting from Paradime shows!

So after all these years of self releasing his music via his imprint Beats At Will, it’s great to see Paradime return and work with a label such as Mello Music Group, that has established itself as a quality home for music centering around Hip-Hop.

Also, along with the announcement is the release (finally!) of LXG ’11 and I’ll let Paradime explain it!

“In 2011, there was a formation of what was planned to be a Detroit based hip-hop supergroup: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or LXG. The group consisted of Detroit staple emcees: Paradime, Guilty Simpson, Marv Won, Danny Brown, Ketchphraze, Canc3r the God and MU. Production/DJ duties were to be handled by Detroit legends House Shoes and DJ AMF. While intentions to make the project happen were strong, the basic complications of a group this size were too much to keep together, and the whole project never happened.. Except for the flagship song LXG ’11. Recorded at The Rust Belt Studios in Detroit, during Paradime album sessions, the monstrous introduction to the supergroup has  only been played publicly a few times, and has never been available to the public until now. Featuring all 7 emcees, produced by House Shoes, cuts by DJ AMF.. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”