New York-based club record label Worst Behavior releases incredible debut EP from the Taiwan native Yunna titled ‘Rinne’


One of my favorite dance music record labels is the New York-based Worst Behavior, ran by Anna Morgan and Bell Curve (who are badass artists, producers, and DJs in their own right). Worst Behavior is not only a label, but they also produce live events in New York and beyond, all based on what they describe as “our love of soundsystem music, deep rave, and of course fast bpms.”

For me, they have not missed when it comes to their catalog, all showcasing authenticity to soundsystem culture which lends itself to a vast array of women artists, people of color, and from the LGBTQ+ community. Everything bangs. Hit their Bandcamp to check out all the music they have released, especially the four compilations.


Now that I gave a short introduction into the label (and I’ll eventually go on and on about Anna Morgan, Bell Curve, and Worst Behavior another time), let me talk about their latest release – Rinne by the debut EP from Taiwan native, L.A. resident Yunna,

Rinne is like an introduction to the works of Yunna. In five tracks, she successfully shows how the styles of jungle, footwork, bass music, soul, and hip hop, among other influences go into her productions. Her rhythms are organic, with a sound that could rock arenas as well as the dingiest of clubs. Its intelligently put together, and that probably comes from her classical music background. There’s a street heaviness to her tracks that doesn’t sound overly produced, still keeping an underground grit to it.

Along with the EP, Worst Behavior released Rinne (Remixed), featuring remixes for the tracks “Day” by Addison Groove and “Sea” by Fixate. Both Rinne and the remixes are also included on a 10″ lathe-cut record that is currently sold out!

Stream/Purchase Rinne EP + Remixed: