Cosplayers and other worldly creatures (and creators) brought the fun to the Astronomicon 6.5 pop culture convention

My favorite time of year is when the Astronomicon pop culture convention happened. The sixth edition of Astronomicon happened back on March 3rd-5th at the Burton Manor in Livonia, but marred by the winter weather, the show’s headline guest, Kevin Smith, was unable to make it. To make it up to the fans, the Horrorcore Rap duo from Detroit Twiztid along with their label Majik Ninja Entertainment, who plan the yearly event, decided to throw a smaller version, Astronomicon 6.5. back at the Burton Manor on June 24th-25th. Not only did they get Kevin Smith back for it, but also the whole The View Askewniverse.

Astronomicon is like no other convention as it brings big names and tons of fun into a more intimate setting then most conventions. With photos ops, panels, games, and all sorts of other activities, you get to witness and engage with so many people from the fandoms of music, horror, comic books, wrestling, comedy, and so much more.

My favorite thing about Astronomicon are the friends that you make that you bonded with during this convention. Being able to hang out with those people each year while meeting new people and making new friends that have similar interests as you. While the idea of the “comic con” has become trendy and popular and mainstream, the ethos of these conventions still live on in events like Astronomicon as those that don’t necessarily “fit in” elsewhere have place to go to here.

You’ll always see Twiztid walking about the event when they are not already doing some panel, signing, or photo op, just being immersed in the event. Even if you can’t afford an autograph or photo, many of the celebrities are just up close at Astronomicon if you just want to say “Hi!”.

I could go on and on about Astronomicon and all the wonderful memories I have, but I’d easily get very verbose. It’s not an expensive convention. There’s something there for everyone. Give it a try.

Take a look below for a gallery of some of my moments I captured at Astronomicon 6.5. especially the great cosplayers.

Stay tuned to and all of their social media for future events!