Episode #222: Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick and Brian Shackelford – Producers/Directors of the Film The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital About the First All-Black Hospital Located in St. Louis

Fresh is the Word Podcast Episode #222: Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick and Brian Shackelford - The Color of Medicine

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The guests for this episode are Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick and Brian Shackelford, the co-producers and co-directors of the documentary The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital. This documentary sheds a light on the disparity between the medical treatment that the African-American community receives as opposed to others; something that we are really seeing these days with the COVID pandemic and the recent Black Lives Matter protests. The Color of Medicine not only tells the astonishing history of the first all-black hospital in St. Louis, but also recognizes and celebrates the achievements of the brave healthcare workers who were among the first black physicians and nurses to be medically trained in the United States.

Using this documentary as a framework, this discussion with Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick and Brian Shackelford puts into account the world we are living in right now during the COVID pandemic and the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Many of the stories of the Homer G. Phillips Hospital really parallel things still happening today with Black people in America. This talk with Joyce and Brian is an excellent example of the type of discussions that need to happen between white and Black people, as they not only share things from the history of the hospital, but we share our own experiences and compare outcomes from the white and black perspective.

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