Episode #82: Sy Smith – Being an independent artist and the process of writing/recording her new album

Fresh is the Word Podcast - Episode 82 - Sy Smith


This week’s guest is the Los Angeles-based soul music artist, musician, and producer Sy Smith. As an artist who has been on the independent grind for a while now, we chat about what it takes to be an independent musician when the music industry changes so much and she gives some great advice about how to swim though sometimes turbulent waters. We also talk about what went into the writing and recording for her newest album Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete, along with the roles of women in music and some great advice for girls getting into music or anything artistic.

For this episode, Sy Smith’s recommendation for a future Fresh is the Word guests are soul music artist Geno Young along with musician/composer/producer Zo!, who is already a friend of the show!

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This episode’s week is the new album Death Don’t Always Taste Good from the London based outfit Ivy Lab, released this past week on 20/20 LDN. With a catalog already quite deep, Ivy Lab has shot to the forefront of experimental bass music holding no boundaries with any of their productions. The aspects of their music that shine the most is the way they are able to take ideas from various genres, whether it be hip-hop, drum-n-bass, soul, or bass music, and take the best and also underlying similarities in all those styles and mold them together into some real heavy tunes. They find a way to breathe new life even into samples you may have heard before.

STREAM/PURCHASE: http://hyperurl.co/hopsl7

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