Episode #87: Shawn Coss – From Wizard World Comic Con Columbus

Fresh is the Word Podcast - Episode 87 - Shawn Coss - From Wizard World Comic Con Columbus


The third interview from Wizard World Comic Con Columbus is with Akron, Ohio based artist Shawn Coss, the creator of Inktober Illness/Phobias, co-owner of Any Means Necessary Clothing, and artist for Cyanide and Happiness. During our interview, we talked about being an independent artist and paying taxes, using humor to talk about uncomfortable subjects, using art to talk about mental health, his variety of projects, and all sorts of other actionable lessons.

Each episode, the guest is asked to suggest someone from their life/career that should be on Fresh is the Word that would have good stories. Shawn Coss chose Michael Nemitz, co-owner of Any Means Necessary Clothing.

Follow Shawn Coss:
Web: www.shawncossart.com
Any Means Necessary Clothing: www.amnclothing.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ShawnCoss
Facebook: facebook.com/ShawnCossArtist
Instagram: instagram.com/shawncoss


Fresh is the Word Podcast - Max the Inebriated Rabbit by Erick Gutierrez

This episode’s pick is the comic book Max the Inebriated Rabbit, written and drawn by the Detroit-based artist Erick Gutierrez. In the three issues already released, we see Max dive into all the struggles of love and life with an interesting band of degenerate friends and enemies. Even through all the drugs and booze Max consumes, he’s still a jerk underneath. Max is like Roger the Rabbit but much sleazier and is the epitome of misery loves company. At the core of it all, Max is still lovable in a weird sense and you can’t help to kind of root for him. You’ll laugh at all of his idiocy and how he’s able to make it out alive from all the pickles he gets himself into.

For more information: facebook.com/MaxtheinebriatedRabbit

Follow Erick Gutierrez: twitter.com/therealErickG

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