Renaissance Soul Podcast: Ep. 2 – The Big Shoes Episode (w/ Detroit Hip Hop Artist Big Tone)

Renaissance Soul Podcast: Ep. 2 - The Big Shoes Episode (w/ Detroit Hip Hop Artist Big Tone)

Renaissance Soul was originally a Detroit hip-hop website started in 2001 by your host Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier that first centered around the discography of legendary producer Jay Dee aka J. Dilla before it branched out to all Detroit hip-hop and music. In many cases, Renaissance Soul was the first place you heard many Detroit music artists that you love today. With it’s revival as a podcast, each episode will focus on specific topics (an album, an era, a legacy, etc) from Detroit music of all genres from the past and present from a historical perspective.

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For this episode of Renaissance Soul, we go into a deep dive of the album Big Shoes from Detroit hip-hop emcee Big Tone produced entirely by House Shoes, released on June 7, 2019 on House Shoes’ own imprint Street Corner Music. Joining us in this deep dive is Big Tone himself to talk about this collaborative album with House Shoes, where their history together as both friends and collaborators shine. Through Big Shoes, we get a glimpse into the world of Detroit hip-hop spanning back to the 90s with all the ups and downs of a city that is always struggling, but always moving.

During our deep dive into Big Shoes, we go track-by-track and talk about stories, meanings, and inspirations behind each song on the album. Through those stories, we also talk about the many social and economical issues that have long faced Detroit hip-hop, the city itself, and the black communities.

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