Renaissance Soul Website Coming Back!

Announcement! I’m going to officially bring back Renaissance Soul as a website to document Detroit hip hop music history! I don’t know the timeframe of it, but stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll be posting archives here and on my Patreon of old interviews and articles about Detroit Hip-Hop that will eventually be posted on the website.

What is planned for Renaissance Soul?

The relaunch of the Renaissance Soul website, which will include the republishing of Detroit hip-hop content from my archives of the original Renaissance Soul website, The Loop Detroit website, Huffington Post, and many other outlets I wrote for.

One of the main goals with the return of the Renaissance Soul website, is to recreate in a current style, the J. Dilla discography that originally researched, curated, and posted on the original Renaissance Soul website.

It wasn’t just a list of songs that he produced or was featured on, you could see all the physical pressings that those tracks were on. That times was before the streaming age as we know it now, so having access to what vinyl, CD, or cassette pressing a song was on is more important than ever.

It’ll be a database of Dilla’s discography where you find as must about the physical release as possible – the track listing, the release information, photos of the actual product, release date (which I may have to run past Dart Adams or he’ll yell at me! haha), and whatever else might be interesting information to share.

Aside from archived content, new discography projects (looking to do Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, Quelle Chris, and Danny Brown in the future), documentary style podcasts, and other forms of written, audio, and video content will be in the works.

But in the meantime, all I ask of you, as someone who as been listening and documenting Detroit hip-hop for nearly 30 years now, is that you help support the project.

So I have overhauled my Patreon with multiple tiers on how you can contribute if you can. Please share on your social networks. Thank you.

Stay tuned for updates and support the cause at and subscribe to the newsletter at

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