Sabrina Carpenter Shines at The Masonic Temple in Detroit (5/6/2023)

Sabrina Carpenter Shines at The Masonic Temple in Detroit (5/6/2023)

One of my favorite albums of the past year has been emails I can’t send by Sabrina Carpenter, an album showing the singer/songwriter’s growing pains through her entrance into adulthood. There’s a sweet and authentic touch more so in comparison to her previous works.

As a fan of hers as Maya Hart from the Girl Meets World television series on Disney, I always kept up with what she was doing after the show ended. With emails I can’t send, Carpenter has really started to come into her own and it was evident during here Detroit stop on the emails I can’t send tour at Masonic Temple on May 6th.

The crowd was dominated with younger women screaming every lyric! Everyone was just dialed into the show. The stage was full of couple ramps, some stairs, and a big heart-shaped mirror surrounded by LED-lights. It has a lot of charm.

The connection between Carpenter and the crowd is the reason I love emails I can’t send so much. It’s genuine and transparent. Its something this crowd really connected to.

During the show, Sabrina stopped to read a couple signs in the crowd. One stated “I lie to my therapist because Sabrina told me to” in reference to her song “Tornado Warnings”. She was like NO! You shouldn’t lie to your therapist. Tell them I’m sorry!

Another sign said “I fell in love while listening to emails I can’t send and Carpenter was touched that an album written about such a hard time in her life could result in love for others.

At one point, she told a story about the last show she did in Michigan, which was out in Pontiac (The Pike Room – November 14th, 2016), and afterwards, she had to go to the bathroom real bad and didn’t want to use the tour bus bathroom for obvious reasons. So she was out in Downtown Pontiac and even the 24 hour diner was closed and she looked across the street and saw a tumbleweed go by. She was amazed that in a city that looked so desolate, that the crowd was so amazing and loud that night. She even introduced a member of her band being from Pontiac.

Great show. Great album. The vibe was amazing. Highly recommend giving emails I can’t send a listen.