Episode #36: Demetrious Johnson Deserves More!

Season 2, Episode #8: Demetrious Johnson Deserves More!

This week on Fresh is the Word K-Fresh is joined by Vstylez to talk about what’s going on in the world of MMA and wrestling. No guests this week, but there’s so much drama in the UFC, it’s kinda hard being…. haha. K-Fresh is going to Toronto this weekend for UFC 206 and Vstylez will be in Ireland next week with King Mo for Bellator 169. We also talk about how the UFC lacks the ability to make new stars and that Demetrious Johnson deserves so much more respect and opportunities, plus the fall out from WWE’s TLC PPV last weekend and a lot more.

Topics Include:
– K-Fresh going to UFC 206
– Vstylez going to Ireland with King Mo for Bellator 169
– Chikara Pro show in Chicago
– Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Dayton, Ohio
– UFC turning into sports entertainment
– Why Demetrious Johnson deserves more credit
– UFC’s lack of cultivating stars
– The 145lb women’s division with Cyborg
– The drama with the MMMAA
– The fall out from WWE’s TLC PPV
– Why Bray Wyatt deserves more credit
– Bring Samoa Joe to the main roster
– GLORY Kickboxing: Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari
– Brandon Vera’s victory in ONE Championship

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