Episode #169: Marie Enger – St. Louis-Based Comic Artist and Illustrator, “Casket Land”, “FHTAGN & LOATHING”

Fresh is the Word Podcast - Episode #169: Marie Enger

On Fresh is the Word, we like to deliver wisdom through great stories from the minds of bright creatives of pop culture. Through those stories, I like to promote a diverse collection of voices that includes women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community within all creative fields.

The guest for this episode is St. Louis-based comic book artist and illustrator Marie Enger. Enger is known for such titles as FHTAGN & LOATHING and Casket Land and a member of the HEK Studios collective.

This was easily one of the funnest interviews I’ve done for Fresh is the Word. During our chat, we talked about moshing to get out stress and going to concerts, her artistic crisis, her bird who you could hear in the background throughout the interview and various animal poop, working a variety of projects, bad behavior, the importance of a community of creatives, her love of electronic music artist Klayton and an idea for a rave party based on his music, and music we love!

Marie Enger also created a special Spotify playlist for Fresh is the Word:

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Courtesy of Knox Money, Bang Belushi, and Foul Mouth.


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