Episode #73: Pursuit Grooves – Talking about her new album and her beginnings in music and more

Fresh is the Word Podcast Episode #73: Pursuit Grooves


In this episode, your host Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier interviews the Toronto-based soul/electronic music producer Pursuit Grooves. We dive back to her beginnings as a music artist, her childhood, how she’s progressed a music artist, and her creative avenues outside of music, along with her new album Felt Armour, available now.

This is also the first episode where we try out something new in each interview done for Fresh is the Word. At the end of each interview, I close out with the same question that I give to them ahead of time to think about it. Basically, they are recommending someone from their life/career that we could realistically interview that would have some great stories to tell.

Pursuit Grooves chose Rashad “Ringo” Smith, an original member of Bad Boy Records’ The Hitmen production squad. Her story why she chose him is a great listen.


This week’s pick is the album Aguardiente by New Jersey native CRIMEAPPLE, produced entirely by Big Ghost Ltd. In the same vein as the likes of Westside Gunn, Conway, and Roc Marciano, CRIMEAPPLE and Big Ghost Ltd craft one of the most grimiest sounding and lyrically tough albums to come out recently. In the way we all appreciated albums like Mobb Deep The Infamous or Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, there is nothing glamourized on Aguardiente. It’s just an album full of realness.

The album is for free download at Big Ghost Ltd’s Soundcloud or if you want to support with you dollars, buy it on iTunes. Follow CRIMEAPPLE on Twitter at @__CRIMEAPPLE__ and Big Ghost Ltd at @BigGhostLtd.

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