Episode #75: Kasey Pierce – Life as an author and her latest comic book “Norah”

Fresh is the Word Podcast Episode 75: Kasey Pierce - Life as an author, Her latest comic book "Norah, and the comic book community


This week’s guest on the Fresh is the Word podcast is Michigan-based comic book/sci-fi/horror author Kasey Pierce. She is the author of the gore-horror novella Pieces of Madness along with her latest sci-fi comic book Norah, both available via Source Point Press. During our chat, we talked about her career as an author, the comic book community in Michigan, and the nuts and bolts that went into the making of Norah and some of the meaning behind things in the story.

Kasey’s recommendation on who I should interview is Victor Dandridge Jr. He’s a comic book creator, President and Editor-in-Chief at Vantage:Inhouse Productions, who just recently took over the Artist Alley duties for WizardWorld. Kasey has a lot of great things to say about Victor so hopefully, we can get him on the podcast in the future.

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Fresh is the Word Episode 75 - Fresh Pick of the Week: HOPE by Dirk Manning and K Lynn Smith
HOPE #1 by Dirk Manning and K Lynn Smith

This week’s pick is the comic book HOPE written by Dirk Manning and fully illustrated and lettered by K Lynn Smith. HOPE is a bit of a departure for Dirk Manning into this superhero story that he’s always wanted to write. In the first issue of HOPE, we are introduced to a world where superheroes exist but are welcomed by mixed feelings from society. The lead character seems to want to be treated with a normal sense of humanity, but because of her superpowers, society seems to feel people like her don’t need or deserve their help and comradery. I’m excited where this story goes as the first issue seems to plant some interesting seeds.

For more information, please visit dirkmanning.com

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