How the Film Ghost Squad Made Me Rethink Preserving Memories For When We Pass.

Recently, I was surfing through streaming apps for something to watch and I came across the 2018 film Ghost Squad, directed by Noboru Iguchi, who made similar type movies such as The ABCs of Death (2012), The Machine Girl (2008) and Mutant Girls Squad (2010). I was aware of the movie, as it’s one of those weird, low budget, but very entertaining tongue-in-cheek comedy horrors.

I’m the type of person that finds inspiration or new ways to look at life in the weirdest of places. Like the old saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

So with Ghost Squad, it’s a story of the main character Rika befriending these ghosts of three murdered women. After the ghosts help Rika murder her abusive boyfriend, the four of them join forces for a bloody campaign of vengeance.

Fun fact: All four of the main girls in Ghost Squad make up the J-Pop girl group Nomakes.

The ending of this movie is here I found something incredibly inspiring and gave me a new outlook about reframing death and give our loved ones a way to say goodbye to us.

After the three ghosts accomplish their revenge, they can finally go to heaven. The scene at the end goes to them running down this pathway and Rika soon follows. The girls are looking back with smiles, waving goodbye to Rika as they run and soon disappear into stars going to Heaven.

When my time comes, I wish I could run down a pathway like those girls in the movie. Perhaps in the image of my best time in life, waving goodbye with love and joy. That isn’t possible though. However, what is possible is keeping an archive of great moments of your life to pass on to that moment when the people that love you most need them.

While we are alive, we should document all the best moments.

Most of us have a camera and a way to jot down words right in our pockets. Anytime you are happy to see someone or someone is happy to see you, take a moment to take a picture.

If someone has some kind words for you, save them somehow. If you have kind words for someone else, save those also. We need more kindness in this word.

With time, you may need to move them and transfer them into whatever the latest technology is, but make sure someone knows it exists and where to access it at.

I hope this isn’t morbid in any way, but I feel we can have the power to say goodbye in great ways now.

Check out the trailer below (and you’ll see a glimpse of that ending) and for more information on where you can watch Ghost Squad, CLICK HERE.