Tokyo-based Post-Black Metal band Asunojokei cassette tape releases on Gerpfast Records

One of my favorite record labels to follow these days is the Indonesian independent imprint Gerpfast Records, who recently have been specializing in cassette pressings from various rock and pop bands throughout Southeast Asia. I’ll go into the history of Gerpfast eventually in a separate post, but right now I want to talk about a recent series of releases that feels like is a good introduction of the label to the Fresh is the Word audience.

Gerpfast Records just released cassette pressings from the Tokyo-based Post-Black Metal band Asunojokei of their first two albums, Awakening and Island, and along with the band’s second EP, Wishes.

All these releases were previously only available digitally, along with the band self-releasing them via CD and the UK label Dog Knights Productions handling the vinyl pressings.

The cassette release through Gerpfast of Island came in two pressings. The first pressing is limited to 100 copies and comes as a white-transparent cassette shell with translated text on the cover. The second pressing is limited to only 75 copies with a transparent cassette shell and using the original Japanese text cover artwork.

Both Awakening and Wishes is pressed on only 100 copies of smoke-brown color cassettes.

For more information on these releases and all of the Gerpfast releases go to Asunojokei’s Bandcamp page can be found at