Korean-American transgender musician SuperKnova shines bright on sophomore album ‘superuniverse’

I’m not sure how I came about the music of Ellie Kim, aka SuperKnova, but it instantly struck me. From her debut EP 2017’s Splendor Dysphoria to her first full-length album 2019’s American Queers, she continues share her journey on superuniverse as a queer personal of color with transparency like none other. Without going into over the top pop music, the vibe of superuniverse matches the melancholy yet courageous persona of SuperKnova.

Kim gets straight to the point with songs often explore themes of self-discovery, identity, and empowerment, delivering lyrics that are thought-provoking and relatable. With infectious hooks, pulsating beats, and a powerful vocal range, SuperKnova creates a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and emotionally resonant.

Purchase/Stream supernova: vibe.to/superknova