Episode #80: Victor Dandridge Jr. – Coordinating Wizard World’s Artist Alley, the idea of becoming important, and the importance of failure

Fresh is the Word Podcast Episode 80 - Victor Dandridge Jr.


This week’s guest is Victor Dandridge Jr. (and his baby daughter – see below) – self-publishing comic book creator, owner of Vantage:Inhouse Productions, and currently the Wizard World Artist Alley coordinator. Dandridge (who was Kasey Pierce’s suggestion for the podcast in Episode #75) has written titles such as The Samaritan, The Trouble w/Love, the Origins Unknown series and the anthology novel, 8 Mins, while also launching his U Cre-8 Comics line, a unique bridge between comics and classroom fundamental. During our interview, we talk about what it takes to coordinate the Artist Alley at Wizard World, the important of Artist Alley for creators and future creators, making the transition into being a full-time comic book creator, the idea of becoming someone important, the importance of failure, and knowing when you’re finished with your project.

For this episode, Dandridge recommended three comic book creators for possible guests for Fresh is the Word in the future: Michael Watson, Josh Dahl, and Jacques Nyemb.

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This week’s pick is an album that I cannot be ignored, Detroit hip-hop artist Royce Da 5’9″‘s new album Book of Ryan. Without having any expectations going into listening to Book of Ryan, it exceeded any vague idea I might have had immensely. It’s scary that Royce Da 5’9″ just keeps getting better after all of these years in the game. Book of Ryan is such a personal album, probably one of the most personal and transparent hip-hop albums I’ve heard in a while. Royce doesn’t waste a lyric. Every word means something. He doesn’t even need to rap, he can just talk and make a track hot. He’s not just telling stories or rapping, he’s exploring his life throughout this album. Nothing is tied up in a nice little ball in the end, it’s a documentation assessing how his past has affected himself, his family, and everyone around him.

Stream / Purchase: http://smarturl.it/BookofRyan

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